Day 3

Rufus here again on Day 3 of the big retirement.

Can’t believe that I didn’t have time to update the blog yesterday. Maybe it’s true what they say about being busy in retirement!

Wednesday I took Anne for lunch and we had a really nice meal at Alfrescos. Anne chose a pasta dish with clams and mussels. It looked really nice but I’m a bit less adventurous so ordered good old spag bol. Very tasty too.  Then we dodged the showers and had a quick stroll around The Lanes – that was Anne’s choice, not mine.

Strangely it’s already becoming hard to remember what day it is without all the routine of work (thank goodness). But yesterday was Thursday and we had a little trip to Eastbourne. Haven’t been there in a while and we managed to get a stroll along the front between torrential rain showers. Stopped off for a coffee at a little place on the beach. It was very nice to just saunter around without having to worry about rushing back or thinking about going back to work the next day!

We got back from Eastbourne around 4pm, trying to miss the rush hour traffic but Brighton is always quite busy so we did get held up somewhat. I quite meant to update the blog after dinner but all that fresh air and strolling wore me out! So we had a glass of wine and watched some rubbish on the telly.

So I’m still enjoying my retirement so far. Today we have to do food shopping and I’ve been roped in as trolley pusher, though Anne always says it’s cheaper not to take me. Somehow I get attracted to the “unhealthy” aisles and things jump into the trolley. But perhaps we’ll stop off for a coffee at the supermarket cafe to make it a bit less onerous.

Hello world!

This is it then folks. The day I’ve been waiting for – the day I am finally retired from the 9 to 5 grind that has worn me out for so many years.

25th August 2015 is a day I shan’t forget. My very last day at work. I was in (guess what?) direct deposit, payroll and card payments for a large company. I shan’t name that company because I don’t want to be sued! But suffice to say I had been there 23 years and it was more than ENOUGH.

So here I am on Wednesday 26th August, after getting up at 9am and having a lazy shower. This is my retirement blog. Everyone says they’re busier than ever once they retire, so I decided to document what exactly I spend time doing, so I can look back in a few years – and maybe even share with the grandchildren.

I shall be spending today in the garden, deadheading after all that torrential rain yesterday and sprucing up the patio pots. Then I may even treat Anne to lunch at the local pub.

I’ll check back later to tell you how the day went and what we had for lunch.

Wow, it’s brilliant to have enough time to write all this stuff and document my life. I don’t suppose anyone will ever see it, but it’s producing something I can look back over. And if I can work out how to upload photos I may even add some of those too.

In the meantime if you want to know about the family, visit my About Me page